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Ian Burgess

Tel: +44 (0) 114 222 5060

I have now been working in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering at Sheffield for 40-odd years, having previously got my BA at Cambridge, my PhD at University College London and done a brief but exciting two years at McMaster University in Canada. What basically turns me on is understanding how structures work, and this still dominates both my research and teaching. I started by working in an obscure but interesting corner of the work in the general theory of elastic stability which happened in the late 60s and 70s at UCL. In Canada I got interested in flutter instability, and worked on it until about 1980, having found that it is possible in rather unlikely situations such as pile-driving.  In about 1985 I joined Roger Plank in starting to think about how to analyse the behaviour of structural steel in fire. This has become more and more absorbing as we have progressed from simple elements to three-dimensional structures, finding in the process that steel is easy to deal with compared to concrete, which unfortuately is also impossible to ignore.  Most recently I have become obsessed with developing a logical mechanics-based model of the behaviour of thin composite slabs in fire, including both tensile and compressive membrane action.

Outside research, I played Water-Polo since the dawn of time, and now just occasionally get to do so. I'm also a long-term Sheffield United supporter and perpetual optimist.

Buick Davison

Tel: +44 (0) 114 22 25354

I am Buick Davison. My connection with Sheffield University goes back to 1977 when I joined the department as an undergraduate. After graduating in 1980 I worked with a local consulting engineer on a variety of structural projects. In 1984 I returned to the university as a Research Assistant working with Pat Kirby and David Nethetcot on the influence of joint performance on steel frame behaviour. After completing my PhD I joined the staff as a lecturer teaching structural design. In 1990 I left to join a consulting practice and worked on a number of exciting structural projects (grandstands, multistorey offices, hospitals etc). 1993 saw me back in the department again! Since then I have continued working in the field of joint performance, mainly considering the design implications and also extending the work into behaviour of tubular columns with flowdrill connections.

More recently I have become involved in the work of the Fire Research group supervising the work of Craig English, Spryros Spyrou, Florian Block and Marwan Sarraj. On a slight tangent, I have been looking into the environmental impacts of frame materials and supervised a student who has developed an assessment tool for the embodied impacts of building frames.

Shan Shan Huang

Tel: +44 (0) 114 22 25727

Shan-Shan Huang is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering of the University of Sheffield. Apart from teaching Structural Engineering, she conducts research on Structural Fire Engineering - Trying to answer questions like "What happens to structures in fire?" "How can we improve the current fire engineering practices, in terms of safety, efficiency, sustainability, etc.?"

Her current research focuses are:
• Sustainable concrete in fire, e.g. prevent explosive spalling using recycled tyre fibres;
• Fire resistance of greener building systems - e.g. engineered timber in fire.
• Robustness and the prevention of disproportionate progressive collapse of high-rise building structures in fire – e.g. steel beam-to-columns connection and composite slabs.

She obtained her MSc (Distinction) degree in Steel Construction in 2005 and completed her PhD "The Effects of Transient Strain on the Strength of Concrete-Filled Columns in Fire" in 2009, both from the University of Sheffield. She then carried on working as a Post Doctoral Research Associate on the European collaborative project COMPFIRE (Design of Joints to Composite Columns for Improved Fire Robustness) before taking up a Lecturer post.

Giacomo Torelli

Tel: +44 (0) 114 22 25796

I am Giacomo Torelli. I started working on, and getting excited about, the behaviour of materials at high temperatures in October 2014, when I joined the University of Manchester to study my PhD in the numerical modelling of concrete. My PhD research focused on the formulation of a novel behaviour law for concrete subjected to transient high temperatures. Since then, I have continued working in the field of modelling the multiphysics behaviour of concrete to tackle the themes of infrastructure resilience and sustainability. You can find more details in my departmental webpage.
Yu Liu

Tel: +44 (0) 114 22 25729

Yu Liu joined the Structural Fire Engineering Group to pursue his PhD after obtaining his Bachelor's degree from Tongji University (2010-2014) and his Master's degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2014-2017) in China. He is currently studying the behaviour and design of ductile steel-to-steel connections to improve the robustness of framed structures in fire.
Yifan Li

Tel: +44 (0) 114 22 25729

Yifan Li is a PhD student who joined theGroup in 2018 after obtained his MSc degree at University College London in 2017. He came to the UK in 2013 to study Civil Engineering at Cardiff University and obtained His BEng degree in 2016. Outside research, Yifan is a car enthusiast (but never yet had the money to buy one), A PC gamer who plays a lot of DOTA 2. Likes all kinds of sports but eats fatty food. Trying to be cool but getting bald, being optimistic all the time and easy going.



Our Graduates

Dr Anthony Abu

University of Canterbury, NZ

Dr Khalifa Al-Jabri

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Dr Ahmed Allam

Beyond FSE consultants , Dubai

Ali Alskeif MPhil

Professor Colin Bailey

University of Manchester
Dr Florian Block

Buro Happold FEDRA, Leeds
Dr Lucy Bull

Tinsley Bridge Ltd, Sheffield
Neal Butterworth MPhil

Arup Fire, Leeds
Dr Jun Cai

Fabsec Ltd, Leeds

Dr Seng-Kwan Choi

University of Ulster

Dr Gang Dong

MMI Engineering Ltd

Dr Jamal El-Rimawi

Loughborough University of Technology

Dr Samantha Tearle (Foster)

Dr Craig English

Astute Fire Ltd

Dr Ying (Andy) Hu

Chongqing University, China
Dr Mohamedali (Danyal) Javaheriafif
Dr Graham Knapp

Buro Happold Ltd, Leeds
Dr Lee Leston-Jones

Cundall Global Ltd
Dr Samer Najjar

Palestine technical University, Kadoorie
  Dr Olayiwola Olawale

Osun State University, Nigeria

Dr Guan Quan

Dr Paul Rose

Rose Consulting Engineers, Halifax

Dr Marwan Sarraj

Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia

Dr Paul Shepherd

University of Bath

Dr RuoXi Shi

Dr Yuan Yuan Song

Arup Fire, Sydney Australia

Dr Spyros Spyrou

International Fire Ltd , Cyprus

Dr Rui-Rui Sun

IMI Ltd, Aberdeen

Dr Mariati Taib

Universiti Sains Malaysia

Dr Yuan Tian

Amey Ltd

Dr Bernice Vui Yee Wong

Ramboll Fire, London

Dr Young Wong

Arup Fire, Hong Kong

Dr Chaoming Yu

Buro Happold, Hong Kong

Dr Xinmeng Yu

Dongguan University of Tehnology, China

Dr Atilla Oven

We were distressed to hear of Atilla's death after a road accident in 2005. Since his PhD at Sheffield he had worked at Gebze Institute of Technology, Turkey.


We do not have recent photographs for Dr Sha'ari Abu or Dr Hassan Saab.

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Ex-Colleagues and Research Visitors

Dr Antonio Claret de Gouveia

Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil

Dr Zhaohui Huang

Brunel University, London

Dr Hongxia Yu

Arup Fire, Beijing, China

Anja Renner

TU Darmstadt, Germany

Dr Baochao Xie

Central South University, China

Dr Martin Stadler

TU München, Germany

Dr Takeo Hirashima

Chiba University, Japan

Julio Fernandez Ceniceros

University of La Rioja, Spain

Wenjie Xu

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Dr Neno Toric

University of Split, Croatia

Professor Roger Plank

Vulcan Solutions Ltd

Professor Charles Clifton

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Michal Malendowski

University of Poznan, Poland

Shanshan Cheng

University of Plymouth

Dr Fabio Figueiredo

Aasif Hussain Shah




Our most recent PhD graduates: Guan Quan and RuoXi Shi, July 2017